Surgical Smoke Evacuator JBW-X200

R31,250.00 Ex VAT

Features & Benefits
Procedure Operating Modes
• One of three operating modes (Laparoscopic, Open Tubing, and Electrosurgical Pencil
Mode) can easily be selected, automatically customizing filter life based on surgical
Advanced Sound Control Design
• Whisper Technology™ ensures ultra-quiet operation with unprecedented sound quality.
Sleek Shelf Design
• Ergonomically designed to accommodate stacking.
Occlusion Warning
• Safety feature that alerts medical personnel when an occlusion has occurred.
Intuitive Color Touch Screen
• Easy to use, requires minimal training, and can be operated with a gloved hand.
Unique Sliding Port Closure
• SafePort Technology™ ensures reduced risk of staff coming in contact with a
contaminated port.